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Retirement may start in our later years, but right now is the time to consider the future.

FDR Financial Group realizes that when certain companies reach out to potential clients about retirement they use pictures of a happy older couple sitting on a porch swing, or grandparents walking a beach with less than convincing smiles. Let's be honest, it isn't that fun, and neither are these misleading ads. It seems like the most common phrase in unfortunate retirement stories is “too late” as in, “I didn’t know I should have started saving until it was too late.” Just because you started saving early doesn’t mean that wicked fees aren’t eating up your hard-won nest egg. It's never too late and we will never let hidden fees take what is yours.

Retirement may start in our later years, but right now is the time to consider the future.


Why choose us? We are providing free, personal retirement and insurance planning for all employees and their families. We have access to all of the most highly rated retirement and insurance carriers who are all triple A rated or better. This will allow us to match the best product to you, your needs, and your goals. Ask yourself the following questions:

Have your investments ever lost money?

Can your present investment plan GUARANTEE you will NEVER lose money?

Are you paying fees on your current investments?

Questions, comments or concerns? If you said yes to any of these questions call us today!

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Let the professionals take care of you!

There are times to be independent, and there are times to seek professional advice. Most of us do not work on our own cars, or prescribe our own medications. We seek the help of a professional for those things. Insurance and retirement planning falls into this category as well. Please give us a call!

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Life insurance, and insurance in general, can be confusing...

Life insurance, and insurance in general, can be confusing and possibly overwhelming to anyone who isn't well-versed on the subject. A recent study is showing that a certain controversial group, millennials, are missing out on something that could play a pivotal role in their lives. “New LIMRA research shows that 41 percent of Millennials believe they do not qualify for life insurance coverage, which might prevent them from considering purchasing it…” These inaccurate perceptions keep many Millennials from owning it. This is why FDR Financial Group has an informational insurance center to help everyone understand the ins and outs of insurance. We take the time to gather the best resources so you never have to ask yourself “Do I know enough about this?”

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What will you do in the event of an injury?

Have you ever thought about how will you pay for your mortgage, car payments, electricity bill, or even food in the event you are disabled by an injury or an accident? We have affordable disability insurance plans to guarantee your income and weekly paychecks are covered. Give us a call!

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What does Life Insurance mean to you?

Life insurance is probably the single largest, most meaningful and intangible gift out there. To have the forethought to purchase something that can be so beneficial and important is a blessing to say the least. We are looking to help families, like yours, guarantee their hopes and dreams. We can help make funds available at life's toughest times. Please call us to set up a free review of your current insurance portfolio. Contact Us.

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Are you forgetting something?

How many of us have left a job and NOT rolled our old 401k, 403b, or 457 plans? More often than not we mean to, but somehow never get around to actually doing it. We can make it easy for you, just give us a call.

We are here to help, and we will make your transition super easy and efficient!

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Have you thought about your beneficiaries lately?

When was the last time you thought about or reviewed who the beneficiary is on all of your life insurance policies, retirement plans, bank accounts, CD's, and 401k's? This simple step is so often overlooked, and yet has far reaching consequences if not properly considered. We would love the opportunity to sit with you and verify that all of the people you want to get your bequests, in fact do.
Contact us and we would be more than happy to help you!

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